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TMJ Evaluation
Williston Park, NY

Dentist speaking with beautiful patient at TMJ Evaluation from Long Island Smile  in Williston Park, NYYour mouth is made of many components that work together, enabling you to perform a wide variety of different tasks. The temporomandibular joints, commonly called the TMJ, are the joints that are responsible for helping you open and close your mouth. They enable you to bite, chew, speak, and so much more. The TMJ is located on the sides of your face, right where your mandible, or lower jaw, connects with your skull. When the TMJ are healthy, they work without you knowing it. However, if the joints become irritated and inflamed, even the smallest movements can become difficult and painful. Long Island Smile can help with a TMJ evaluation.

TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder is a condition that refers to any number of issues that affect the health and functioning of your temporomandibular joints and your mouth. Common causes of TMJ disorder include bruxism, poor tooth alignment, certain types of arthritis, and facial trauma. With TMJ disorder, you may find it difficult, and even painful, to eat, speak, or move your mouth at all.

Going Over Your Symptoms

A TMJ evaluation is performed to determine the presence of TMJ disorder, as well as the severity. One of the first things we do is go over your symptoms. TMJ disorder exhibits many symptoms. These symptoms start minor, and are barely noticeable. However, the longer it goes untreated, the worse the symptoms become. Symptoms that point to TMJ disorder include:
•  Pain in the face, jaw, and TMJ
•  Facial swelling and swelling at the joints
•  Pain while eating or speaking
•  Grinding and clenching your teeth
•  A clicking, popping or grinding sensation in your TMJ
•  Temporary lockjaw
•  Chronic headaches and earaches

In addition to discussing the symptoms you are experiencing, we also ask about their frequency, their severity, and what helps them or makes them worse.

An Oral Examination

An important part of assessing your TMJ is an oral evaluation. We will evaluate your bite. Your teeth are looked over for excessive wear, uneven wear patterns, and physical damage. You will be asked to open your mouth as wide as you can and check your jaw, your TMJ, and your neck for tenderness.

3D Imaging

In addition to a visual examination of your mouth, we also take dental images. This may include digital X-rays, CT scans, and 3D scans. With these images, we can examine areas of your mouth that we cannot see with the naked eye. They enable us to more accurately assess the extent of your TMJ disorder, what is causing it, and what the best treatment options are for you.

Discussing Your Treatment Options

After determining the cause of your TMJ disorder and its extent, we can then determine what the best treatment options are to help restore your oral health. There are many different treatments that may be provided. These treatments include:
•  Over the counter pain relievers
•  Altering your diet to avoid foods that are too hard, sticky, chewy, or too large
•  Practicing stress relief techniques, such as yoga or meditation
•  A nightguard. A night guard is an oral appliance that is worn at night. It functions to absorb the impact of grinding and clenching, taking the pressure off of your TMJ.
•  Orthodontic treatment, such as braces or clear aligners
•  Oral surgery

If your TMJ is causing you pain and making basic functions difficult, we can help. Call Long Island Smile today at (516) 243-7473 to schedule your TMJ evaluation.
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TMJ Evaluation Williston Park NY | Long Island Smile
If your TMJ joints have become irritated and inflamed, the smallest movements can become difficult and painful. We can help with a TMJ evaluation. Call today!
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