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Smiling woman drinking a smoothieAt Long Island Smile, we have over 25 years of knowledge, experience and continuing education in restorative dentistry. We can enhance and restore the health of your teeth with implant restorations, crowns, bridges, endodontics (root canals), full and partial dentures, extractions, periodontal surgery, and the most advanced filling techniques.

Also, we pride ourselves in our restorative dentist's knowledge of occlusion and advanced restorative techniques. We are currently one of the only dental offices in the New York metropolitan area to use the T-Scan® computerized bite analysis system. This technology has enabled us to better understand a patient's neuromuscular physiology and, in turn, prevent deterioration of dental structures. It has also aided in the analysis and treatment of oral facial pain caused by imbalances in a patient's bite.

We offer a full range of restorative dentistry procedures. Click below to learn about the procedures:

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is customized to restore missing teeth. The device is designed to fit over healthy teeth with a false tooth bridged between. A dental bridge can also be anchored with a dental implant.


Dental crowns sometimes referred to as caps, is a customized shell designed to fit over a damaged tooth or a dental implant. It provides added strength and structure to a tooth surface. Crowns are customized to match the original tooths size, look, shape and bite. When placed over a damaged tooth, crowns can greatly extend the life of the tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are different from crowns or bridges; they are a new root structure for a missing tooth. By rebuilding the foundation of the tooth, we can create contact with the jawbone, giving the patient the feel of their natural tooth. Additionally, they can help the bone stay healthy by transferring the energy of chewing to the bone, keeping the bone exercised and robust.


Dentures today come with a variety of options for a variety of needs. We can restore missing teeth with traditional loose dentures, or greatly increase comfort with implant retained dentures. Implant retained dentures allow patients to come in with no healthy teeth and leave with a mouthful of permanently retained teeth.


We can fill cavities, fractures and make simple repairs with tooth filling material. Composite material is quartz that has been blended with resin; it is strong, durable, allows us to color match, mold, and shape to fit your needs.

Periodontal Therapy (Gum Therapy)

Gum tissue can suffer greatly when patients have chronic periodontitis. Rebuilding and restoring the gum tissue is vital to the health of your teeth as it supports and surrounds your teeth providing necessary stabilization. Restorative gum surgeries will increase your oral health and your look.

Endodontics (Root Canals)

Bacteria that has reached the pulp, or inner portion, of the tooth, needs to be removed before it travels and infects neighboring roots. Your body is unable to heal infections inside your teeth; the only options are to remove the bacteria through endodontic therapy or to remove the tooth itself. We always encourage patients to take steps to save their teeth as a priority, it is best for their oral health.

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