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Solea Laser Williston Park NY

Woman looking over her shoulder with a smile after procedure using a solea laser at Long Island Smile in Williston Park, NYWhen it comes to new dental technology, we at Long Island Smile are always looking for the latest and greatest to give our patients added quality and value. We make a point to do our research when it comes to new dental technology because we want methods that are proven to add quality to processes and the finished product. The Solea dental laser is one piece that we are very excited to add to our practice because it has been shown to cut costs to our patients and our practice while providing superior results.

What is the Solea Laser?

Lasers are not new to the dental industry, they have been around for a few decades now. Most dental lasers today are used to deal with soft tissues or hard tissues and are notable because of how precise they are in helping dental professionals achieve the desired results. The Solea dental laser is notable because it can work on both hard tissues (like teeth and bone) or soft tissues (like gums) to produce uniform results, often without the need for anesthesia!

Anesthesia Free

With the Solea dental laser, we can perform procedures that are anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, and even pain-free! Because we are working with light instead of physical tools, the laser can accomplish the same results without the pain. Most discomfort that occurs in typical dental procedures is a result of friction, vibration, or both. Because there is no friction or vibration associated with a dental laser, the pain factors goes away. This means no charge for anesthesia, and no discomfort during the procedure.

Faster Procedures

Because we don’t have to worry about administering anesthesia, our patients see a significantly reduced turn-around time. Anesthesia can take five minutes to administer and another ten minutes to take effect. The Solea dental laser also allows us to perform blood-free procedures which allow us to avoid the mess that typical procedures present. Finally, suture-free procedures allow us to skip one of the most time-consuming parts of dental work – placing sutures. Depending on the number of sutures that would need to be placed during a typical procedure, we can save a great deal of time by skipping that part of the procedure entirely.

More Accurate Results

The Solea dental laser allows us to be extremely precise in our accuracy while performing procedures. It allows us to cut down on the time that it takes to perform procedures while simultaneously allowing us to give our patients higher quality results. Because we can perform procedures more quickly, we can reduce the cost of every procedure, and guarantee that every procedure will produce a high-quality outcome. No more having to worry about whether the anesthetic has kicked in yet, or whether it is sufficient. Because it’s so accurate and allows us to skip anesthesia, we can get you in and out faster than ever!

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With the Solea dental laser, we can perform procedures that are anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, and even pain-free! Call to schedule an appointment!
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