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Oral Cancer Screening Williston Park, NY

Woman examining her face in a mirrorOropharyngeal cancers represent 1% of cancers in women and 5% of cancers in men. Oral cancer is something that is typically easy to treat if it is caught in its earliest stages. However, when it goes on without being diagnosed or treated, it can become a much larger problem. As a result, screening for oral cancers is paramount, though often underestimated. To help screen for oral cancer, you can come to us at Long Island Smile.

The Main Risk Factors

A risk factor that cannot be fought against is age. Over time, the oral mucosa loses some defensive properties against harmful environmental stimuli. The incidence regarding age is critical between the ages of 50 and 70.

Tobacco consumption is the main risk factor for mouth cancer and the most avoidable. Among the over 4000 substances present in tobacco and deriving from its combustion, many are toxic and irritating and over 50 are carcinogenic.

Furthermore, smoking damages the mucous membranes of the mouth. The same can happen for anyone who consumes a significant amount of alcohol as it can increase how soluble the carcinogens are, making it to where the body absorbs even more of these products.

Finally, even poor oral hygiene can be a risk factor. The presence of chronic bacterial plaque, the presence of chipped teeth, and prostheses that have not been checked for many years make your mouth more vulnerable. This is why regular dental checkups and dental cleaning are very important.

Prevention Measures

If you want to reduce the chances of developing oral cancer, then we suggest you follow a few rules. First, do not drink or smoke. These can cause a lot of harm to your mouth. Second, have optimal oral hygiene practices. The better you care for your mouth, the less likely you are to face oral cancer. Finally, make sure you visit us every six months like clockwork for cleanings, exams, and fillings as necessary.

Eating fruit and vegetables is another important prevention method. According to some research studies, fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and antioxidants that partially protect the cells of the mouth (and also of the body) from tumors.

The screening activity is very important because it can reduce the mortality rate linked to this pathology and prevent interventions with consequences that can also invalidate.

The Screening Visit

Coming in for regular checks is the best way to catch oral cancer as early as possible. There is no way to detect an issue without some type of symptom. There will either be a lump, a change of cells, or some type of lesion in your mouth if there is cancer present. That is why we want you to come in early and often so we can look for signs that anything in your mouth is off.

If we find something off in your mouth, we will take a scraping of the cells or we will do a biopsy to see what is going on. From there, we will get those cells tested to see what we are facing. If you have a family history of cancer or are at high risk for developing cancer, reach out to us. We will make sure to increase how often we screen you to ensure that you do not have to worry about a missed diagnosis.

You can book a prevention visit from us at Long Island Smile by calling (516) 243-7473 and making an appointment.
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Oral cancer is becoming more common in the United States. Call Long Island Smile and set up your screening today.
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