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Dental Bridges and Fixed Tooth Bridges
Williston Park, near Hempstead, NY

Missing teeth are an annoyance to say the least. Missing teeth can weigh on your mind in social settings and wreak havoc on your self-esteem. It can be difficult or even painful to eat certain foods. At Long Island Smile we are proud to offer a variety of tooth replacement options that have the ability to give you back the form and function of your teeth while restoring your confidence in your smile. Perhaps one of the best tooth replacement options we have in Williston Park, near Hempstead, NY are fixed dental bridges.

How can a dental bridge help?

bullet list graphic Give you your teeth back
bullet list graphic Give your facial structure the correct form
bullet list graphic Prevent neighboring teeth from drifting out of place
bullet list graphic Restore ability to chew
bullet list graphic Restore ability to speak properly
bullet list graphic Make the leap from a removable dental appliance to a permanent one
bullet list graphic Give you your smile back

What is a fixed bridge?

A fixed bridge is a permanent dental appliance that has the ability to replace between one and four teeth. Such an appliance needs two anchors within the mouth to be successful. The two best options for anchors are healthy/natural teeth or dental Implants.

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What is the process for receiving a fixed bridge?

The process of receiving a fixed bridge requires at least two visits to our office. During the first visit we will take a mold of the area that the bridge will fill, or of any teeth that the bridge will replace. This mold will act as a basis for our dental laboratory to build your bridge with. They will base the design of the bridge on the molds and measurements that we take of your mouth during this first visit.

During the first visit we will also prepare the anchor teeth to receive the fixed tooth bridge. Tooth preparation involves shaving some of the enamel off of the anchors to ensure that they are the proper shape to accept the dental bridge. Once the teeth have been shaped we will usually apply a temporary bridge to get you used to the feeling of a bridge, and give you all the advantages thereof.

Once the bridge has been fabricated and we receive it from the laboratory it is time for your second visit to our office in Williston Park, near Hempstead, NY. During this visit we will remove the temporary bridge and affix the permanent. To ensure that the permanent bridge will last many years we utilize a very strong dental cement. We will apply the cement to the anchor teeth and then place the permanent bridge. The cement does not set until we shine an ultraviolet light on it, so we have the ability to position it perfectly within your mouth.

How long can a fixed bridge last?

A fixed dental bridge has the ability to last well past ten years. Think of dental appliances the same way you think about your teeth – with proper care they will last a long time. As long as you make certain to brush and floss well your bridge will last you a long time. It is important to note, chewing on extremely hard substances is dangerous to your teeth and dental appliances. Things like ice should not be chewed on. Never use your teeth as a tool to open packaging.

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Dental Bridges and Fixed Tooth Bridges in Williston Park, near Hempstead, NY
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