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CEREC Same Day Crowns Williston Park NY

CEREC Dental Restorations

Watch how CEREC can help you achieve all-cereamic restorations in a single dental appointment.
It’s never fun to get the news that you may need a crown, we understand completely. That is why we are so happy to offer CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) same day crowns here at Long Island Smiles. With CEREC same day crowns we take a great deal of the inconvenience out of the process in an effort to save you time and money. Normally, the process to have a crown placed would require at least two trips to our office to complete, but with CEREC, you can be done in one visit!

Why would I need a crown?

Crowns are a fantastic way to save teeth that would otherwise fail structurally. Sometimes teeth that suffer significant decay, or some kind of physical trauma can be saved by placing a crown over them. One of the most common reasons that teeth need a crown is filling failure. Amalgam fillings are often quite large and when they fail there isn’t enough of your tooth left to support another filling successfully, so we will place a crown over the tooth in order to save it.


Long Island Smile patient Paul talks about his experience with our CEREC technology.

Transcript: Hi, I'm Paul and I wanted to talk about this amazing new procedure I had today at Neal Selter, DMD, F.A.G.D. and Jeffery Rein, DDS., F.A.G.D.'s office at Long Island Smile in Williston Park, NY. I had a bad cap that needed to be replaced. I had it done about 20 years ago, and I remember it was a long complicated procedure. I had to come back 3-4 times for fittings. It was a big ordeal. They have this new technology here that involves... it's called CEREC. It involves one visit. It's painless. You come in they remove the old cap painlessly. They take some pictures. The system electronically and digitally fits you for a new cap, and then while you sit here and wait, the machine makes the new cap. It's installed painlessly and you go home it fits great, it feels great and no problem. It's like night and day compared to when I had the cap done originally. It's an amazing procedure. It's amazing technology and I would recommend it to anyone that needs the procedure done.

What is a crown?

A crown is a tooth restoration that sits on top of your tooth the way a crown would sit on your head. It acts as the new chewing surface for your tooth and is made to look just like a real tooth. Crowns can be made from all kinds of different materials, from porcelain, to zirconia, gold to metal, and a wide variety of combinations therein. A CEREC same day crown is made of a long lasting ceramic material.

CEREC Same Day Crown Placement Procedure

The first step in having a CEREC crown placed is tooth scanning and preparation. We will scan the tooth using our CEREC scanner, which will create a 3D digital image of your tooth. The CEREC machine will use this digital image to create a perfect replica of your tooth.

In order to prepare the tooth to receive the crown we must shave off a good portion of the outer enamel of the tooth. Because crowns sit on top of the teeth, the teeth must be made smaller so that the crown will appear to be the correct size. Once we are finished preparing your tooth to receive the crown it will be dome shaped.

As we are working to prepare your tooth the CEREC machine will be crafting it out of a ceramic block. It does this using tightly formed jets of water to carve away at the ceramic material. Once we are through preparing your tooth there might be a little bit of a wait before the crown is finished being crafted by the CEREC mill.

Once the crown is finished we can buff it and place it on your tooth, making sure that it fits properly within your bite. Most tooth restorations require a little getting used to for a week or so. If the crown still doesn’t feel natural in your mouth after two weeks you should give us a call and schedule an appointment so that we can fix the issue.

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