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Learn More About Dental Sleep Medicine

It’s hard to have a good day when you don’t have a good night. A good night sleep is essential if you want to be productive and happy, which is why sleep apnea is never any fun. Recurring sleep apnea can mean that you never really feel well rested. We care about your health and want you to have a great day every day, which is why we are proud to offer sleep apnea treatment options.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition where long pauses in breathing causes significant disturbance to your sleep cycle. Typically, sleep apnea is caused by a collapse in your airway during sleep, which usually occurs in the nose or throat area. Many times sleep apnea is a condition that is genetically inherited, but it can also be brought on by substance use or by being overweight.

Snoring is a common issue that is paired with sleep apnea but people can have sleep apnea and not snore. Snoring is an issue for a lot of couples who experience significant stress in their relationship because one partner snores so loudly and sleeps so restlessly that it causes their significant other to lose sleep.

The Problem

The problem arises when you are sleeping because the tongue and the muscles in the throat relax quite a bit. As they relax, the airway will collapse. Because the brain is not as attentive to the breathing process during sleep there is often a struggle to breath. This struggle results in the fragmentation of the sleep cycle. In order for you to feel well rested you have to experience the sleep cycles in their entirety, and if you are constantly roused out of sleep by breathing problems, you will likely never reach deep sleep (REM sleep), leaving you tired day after day.

The Consequences of Sleep Apnea

Many people try to ignore their issues with sleep apnea, often hoping that the problem will resolve itself - this can be a dangerous thing to do. The immediate consequences of sleep apnea can be cognitive issues such as:

•  Daytime sleepiness
•  Memory issues
•  Difficulties with concentration
•  Unstable emotional condition
•  Irritability
•  Slowed reaction time
•  High risk of auto accidents

There is also a quite a few long term issues that sleep apnea can bring on. Cardiovascular problems can be brought on or be made worse by the stress that sleep apnea places on the heart and blood vessels. Often those with sleep apnea also have a significantly higher blood pressure than those without.

The Solution to Sleep Apnea

There are a few solutions to sleep apnea and different people respond to each of them differently. One of the most common ways that we treat patients with sleep apnea is to fit them for a night guard. Night guards are oral appliances that are designed to place your lower jaw into a more forward position. By moving your jaw forward, your airway is often able to stay open and you are able to breath without issue.

We have a variety of treatment options available and invite you to call us at (516) 243-7473 to schedule a no obligation consultation.
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