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Do you dream of being able to smile confidently, but in reality, hide behind a shy smile because of some issues with your teeth? If so, porcelain veneers are likely going to be the perfect solution for you. They can quickly and easily cover up imperfections in your teeth, and allow you to show off that confident, beautiful smile that you dream about.

Why You Should Consider Getting Porcelain Veneers

There are many reasons that porcelain veneers can be the ideal option. If you are facing any of these issues, you need to come in to Long Island Smiles and see what options you have:
Teeth that do not have the right shape
Teeth that are worn down
Teeth that have chips
Teeth that have gaps that you want covered
Stained and discolored teeth that you cannot whiten through other methods
Teeth that are crooked
Teeth that either look too small or too large for your mouth

How Porcelain Veneers Can Help

Porcelain veneers are a great way to cover up many imperfections on your teeth. You get small sheets of porcelain that are shaped to cover your teeth, which are later adhered to the tooth, giving you that beautiful smile you can’t help but show off. When you come into Long Island Smiles, first you will get an exam. If you are found to be a good candidate for veneers, your teeth are going to be buffed and shaped to be able to take the veneers when they are ready. You will have a mold made of your teeth, and you will be able to either match the color of your existing teeth, or pick a lighter shade if your veneers are going to cover your existing teeth.

Once we get the veneers back from the laboratory, we will have you come in for another appointment where we will place your veneers. First, we will prepare your teeth so that the veneers bond as tightly as possible. We then make sure there is a solid amount of bonding cement that will bond your veneer to your tooth, and we then place the veneer over the tooth. Once it is aligned perfectly, we use a special light that begins the bonding process. After the time is up with the light, your veneers are completely bonded to your teeth, and with proper care, should last you several years.

The better you take care of your teeth overall, the longer your veneers are going to last. You will need to make sure to brush two times a day, floss at least once per day, and follow up with your dentist every six months to ensure you get the most life out of your veneers as possible.

Give Long Island Smiles a call today, and let us set you up with an appointment with one of our reliable, experienced dentists. They can then do an examination of your teeth, and see if you are going to be a good candidate for getting dental veneers to brighten up your smile.
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