Dental crowns give you the ability to protect a tooth that for whatever reason, is too weak to protect itself. This can be due to injury or decay, or even due to excess wear on the tooth. If you are looking for a way to help protect your teeth in a way that looks and feels natural, then you should contact us for more information about dental crowns.

When A Dental Crown Could Benefit You

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There are many people come in seeking dental crowns. If you have one of these problems, it may be the best option for your mouth, as well.
You have a cracked or broken tooth
You want your teeth to look better cosmetically
Some of your teeth are starting to decay
Some of your fillings have fractured
You have fillings that are too big to be filled without some sort of cover to keep the filling in place
You have recently undergone a root canal and need to protect the tooth

What All Goes Into Getting a Dental Crown

If you are experiencing any of the above listed problems, your dentist is likely going to have you come in for crowns. First, they will tend to the tooth, or teeth, that are in question. Once that is done, the tooth is going to be ground down to be able to have that cap fit over the top without the tooth being oddly sized or shaped. The crown is not very large, but a portion of the tooth will need to come off to accommodate it. For now, a temporary crown will be put over this portion of the tooth to protect it, while the new dental crowns are being made off-site. Once we get them back, we will set up another appointment for you to come in and have that crown placed over the tooth. The cement is placed on the tooth, the crown is fit, and the crown is then bonded with the tooth. At that point, you can smile and most, if not all, will never know the difference.

Crown Types to Choose From

If you are having a crown placed in the front of your mouth, you are likely going to need a porcelain crown. These are delicate pieces, so they need to be put into a place where you will not be doing much heavy chewing or biting down. If crowns need to go between your front teeth and molars, you will likely benefit from a crown that is made of metal, but coated in porcelain. These are more durable, but still look quite natural. If your crown needs to go in the back, gold is the best option for your crown. Your mouth will adapt easily to the gold, and it is durable enough to put up with daily use for quite some time.

For more information about dental crowns, or having some put into your mouth, give Long Island Smiles a call today, and schedule your first appointment with one of our dentists.
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